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About Us

Lyceum Insurance Services, founded over 40 years ago, maximizes health and minimizes risk for employer clients and their employees. We’ve attracted hundreds of clients over the years, continuously adding new ones annually. We take pride in cultivating strong, enduring client relationships, regardless of the duration—whether for months, years, or decades.

We help human resources professionals improve employee experience and retention

  1. Create a clear benefits strategy with specific and measurable milestones for the future
  2. Craft a benefits plan that helps you recruit and retain top employee talent
  3. Ensure that employees truly understand and appreciate the benefits you make available to them
  4. Foster a culture of wellness in your workplace and in the lives of your employees and their dependents
  5. Take advantage of new HR technologies to save time and money for your organization
  6. Enhance data-driven decision making with real-time workforce and benefits information
  7. Meet your compliance and regulatory requirements for The ACA, ERISA and The Department of Labor

About the Owner

Owner of Lyceum InsuranceSteve Blair, President of Lyceum Insurance Services, dedicates over 40 years to serving local Maryland communities. Lyceum Insurance Services is the largest independent brokerage in Maryland, specializing in employee benefits solutions for small and medium-sized companies. As a fiercely independent advocate for small businesses and labor-friendly policies, Steve passionately upholds individual rights and freedoms. With extensive experience as an employee benefits consultant, he deeply understands the needs and challenges of organizations in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Having worked as an officer in the US Navy and as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Benefits Plus, Inc., Steve has cultivated skills of discipline and strategy along with an advanced understanding of market principles to bring to his role at Lyceum Insurance Services. Steve holds a degree from Maryland University, majoring in Finance and Marketing.

With the diverse background of experiences these roles and others have worked to build in his life, Steve is well equipped to support and advocate for the several nonprofits he’s partnered with, including the Board of Wineburg Center of the Arts, Fitsi, Mobile Medical Care, and the CJ3 Foundation for wounded veterans. Supporting and working with him every single step of the way is his family, including his wife Janice, and his three sons and two daughters. As a partner in Lyceum, Janice actively collaborates with Steve to overcome every potential challenge and obstacle, ensuring smooth operations.

Steve’s unwavering dedication, expertise, and commitment as a husband, father, leader, and market expert make him a trusted advisor and an invaluable asset to any businesses seeking to optimize their employee benefits programs.