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About Us

More than 40 years ago Lyceum Insurance Services was founded with a single goal: to maximize health while minimizing risk, for our employer clients as well as for their employees and dependents.
Since that time hundreds of clients have chosen to partner with our company, and new clients are added every year. We’re understandably proud of all of our client relationships – clients that have worked with us for months or years, and clients that we’ve been privileged to serve for decades.

We help human resources professionals improve employee experience and retention

  1. Create a clear benefits strategy with specific and measurable milestones for the future
  2. Craft a benefits plan that helps you recruit and retain top employee talent
  3. Ensure that employees truly understand and appreciate the benefits you make available to them
  4. Foster a culture of wellness in your workplace and in the lives of your employees and their dependents
  5. Take advantage of new HR technologies to save time and money for your organization
  6. Enhance data-driven decision making with real-time workforce and benefits information
  7. Meet your compliance and regulatory requirements for The ACA, ERISA and The Department of Labor