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Benefits Benchmarking

How does your business measure up?

An attractive benefits program is vital for your recruiting and retention efforts, but it is also a significant expense. We can provide you with quality benchmarking data that allows you to analyze how other companies are structuring their plans, as well as the strategies they are using to cut costs, which may help make your own benefit plan decisions easier.

Are you curious about how other companies are responding to rising health care costs?

Knowing how other employers are addressing their benefits decisions can allow you to anticipate the shifting benefits landscape and evolve before your competition responds. We can provide you with data on how rising health care costs are affecting other employers.

Do you want more than just employee benefits benchmarking data for health care costs?

Whether you are curious about how your voluntary disability benefits stack up or are wondering if your paid leave program is comparable to competitors, we likely have benchmarking data available.

Health plan design benchmark summary

See how your organization’s health plan offerings—including plan type, deductible and out-of-pocket maximums—stack up against national and regional competitors with the annual Health Plan Design Benchmark Summary.

Employee benefits benchmark summary

Discover the annual Employee Benefits Benchmark Summary that provides benchmarking information on how employers across the nation are responding to rising health care costs and how they are using benefits as a tool to attract and retain talent.

Interactive health plan design benchmarking tool

Let us help you create a customizable report to illuminate exactly how your organization’s health plan offerings compare to your competitors’ plans.

Know your benefits: The cost of health care reports

Provide your employees with valuable data regarding the cost of health care in your region. This can help make them wiser consumers of health care, which, in turn, can help them lower their health care expenses and save your company money.