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Nonprofit Insurance

Operating a nonprofit organization involves diverse and complex responsibilities. From finding volunteers, contacting donors, and managing budgets, nonprofits must also be mindful of potential risks and hazards that could lead to significant damages and losses. That’s why we prioritize serving nonprofits, with approximately 80% of our clients belonging to this sector. We are deeply committed to supporting their cause and understand the critical role nonprofit insurance plays in providing essential protection. By offering tailored insurance solutions, we help nonprofits navigate their unique challenges and ensure they have the coverage needed to safeguard their operations. 

We have clients with budget constraints, staff serving in the field, stakeholders, working parents, staff in multiple states and so on. We can be there as a guide to help create the best offerings to your workers. 

What Is Nonprofit Insurance?

Nonprofit insurance bundles several key types of coverage generally needed by nonprofit organizations, including:

  • General liability—This coverage protects your organization if a lawsuit alleges you were to blame for bodily injury, property damage or personal and advertising injury.
  • Commercial property—If your organization’s property is damaged, this coverage can help cover repair or replacement costs.
  • Professional liability—If a lawsuit alleges your nonprofit provided insufficient products or services, this coverage can help cover resulting legal expenses.
  • Directors and officers liability—This coverage is vital if allegations of wrongdoing or mismanagement are brought against your organization’s senior leadership team.
  • Commercial auto—If your nonprofit utilizes vehicles regularly, this coverage will provide financial aid following an accident for which you are held liable.
  • Workers’ compensation—If one of your employees is injured at work or develops a work-related illness, this coverage may cover resulting medical expenses, lost wages and legal costs.

Get the Right Coverage

Nonprofit organizations have many of the same risks as businesses but must also account for their unique circumstances. Our agents are ready to work with you to determine your nonprofit’s specific insurance needs and craft a nonprofit insurance policy providing optimal protection. Contact us today to get started.