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On-Demand HR Services Tier 2

Employee Handbook Builder
Create and communicate your organization’s HR policies and procedures quickly and conveniently. Generate custom employee handbooks, branded to any organization, by simply answering a few quick questions. State and federal content is available along with the ability to upload any custom content.

Employee Cost Calculator
Understand the complete picture of the true cost when hiring new
employees. From compensation and benefits to recruiting, training, office equipment, and other costs, this easy-to-use calculator accounts for those typical expenses you may not necessarily think about when hiring a new employee.

Custom Job Description Builder
Job descriptions are such an important tool for your employees, but developing them can be stressful. The ‘Custom Job Description Builder’ helps you make the most complete job description so your employees can achieve their true potential, which ultimately contributes to the success of their business.

Sample Job Descriptions
A well-written job description is one of the main ways you connect qualified applicants to positions at your organization. Using sample job descriptions, you can effectively and accurately highlight an employment opportunity to potential candidates.

HR Self-Assessment Tool
Analyze your human resource competencies to ensure you are creating an
environment for employees to thrive. With this tool, you can access your HR
management practices, employee relations, recruiting process, training, and
development process and more. Once a module is completed, explanations will be provided to highlight where improvements can be made.

A turnkey solution that helps you track incidents, generate OSHA mandated reports and create forms— all in a secure, cloud-based environment with 24/7 access.

Salary Benchmarking
Using this tool, you can search compensation and pay structure reports either annually or by the hour. What’s more, salary benchmarking survey information can be viewed and compared nationally, by state or within a state (narrowed by region or metro area). You will have access to salary data on over 800 job positions right at your fingertips.