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Frederick Friday Test

Lyceum Insurance Services, LLC is locally owned and operated out of Frederick County, Maryland. To further connect and engage with the local community, we host Frederick Friday. Frederick Friday is an initiative where we get our staff out exploring local owned businesses in our community, and then we highlight them on our social channels. We loved starting this initiative and wanted to bring it to our website. This campaign highlights local businesses, events, and Frederick County in general. We love to support local businesses and share our favorites. If you and your team are interested in sharing your passion with the Lyceum team, email [email protected] with your information!

Our involvement in the local community is at the heart of our ‘Frederick Friday’ initiative. Here’s why it’s crucial for us:

Deepening Client Relationships: By being active in our community, we connect on a more personal level with our clients, reminding them that we’re more than just an insurance agency—we’re their neighbors and friends.

Driving Local Business: Our commitment to community projects underscores our dedication to the place we call home.

Giving Back: It’s more than just business for us. We genuinely believe in giving back and supporting the causes close to our hearts and our community’s hearts.

By championing these values on our ‘Frederick Friday’ page, we not only showcase our community spirit but also build lasting, meaningful relationships.

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