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October 17, 2023
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Creep-ing it real: A Worry-free and Safe Halloween in the Workplace

Howl you doin’? Pumpkin spice season is finally here again! It’s time for a fang-tastic Halloween celebration. Offices have started decorating tables and hallways. It’s another time to show off that boo-tiful design!

This is the season where employees get excited, teamwork arises, and creativity takes off. But, here comes a BOO! A hazard might just be around the corner too! Setting boundaries are necessary, but allowing staff members to come to work in their favorite costumes on Halloween can be a great way to foster teamwork. 

If basic safety precautions are not taken, the celebration and excitement could result in workplace mishaps. We know that Halloween will not be complete without spooky costumes. However, it’s essential to be reminded of the safety of everyone. Choose costumes that are appropriate in the workplace; avoid materials that can lead to accidents, such as clothes that don’t protect skin in safety sensitive industries.  Staff should be encouraged to bring food or treats that are prepackaged or temperature-sealed. Label dishes with allergen information to protect colleagues with food allergies. Decorations can create a festive atmosphere during this time, but they should not get in the way of the workspace. Think about the walking paths your teams take. Stairways and hallways must be clear to avoid trick-o-treaters’ injuries in the office. Remember, no bone crackin’! Remember, holidays in general can be a tough time for those who have lost loved ones. Be sensitive and check in with everyone about what Halloween means for them and if they would prefer to work from home on this day, if possible. 

For employees with children: 

Let employees go early this day to take their children trick or treating. Provide a fun swag bag or treat bag for employees to 

Halloween must be more of a time for excitement and fun in the workplace! Practicing these basic precautions won’t haunt you. If you’re still weary, we are here to help! Let’s carve out some fun this October and have a worry-free Halloween together! 

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