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July 3, 2023
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Independence Day – Keeping a Safe and Structured Workplace Without Taking Away Employees’ Freedoms

IN THE SPIRIT OF July 4th, we celebrate the values of freedom, liberty, and independence—values that are fundamental to our society and way of life. But these concepts extend beyond just our personal lives; they resonate within the core of our workplaces, as well. Providing a safe and structured environment for employees while also preserving their freedoms and individuality in the workplace should be the aim of every employer.

Some things employers can do to achieve this are: promoting active listening and open communication, establishing clear policies, encouraging a healthy work-life balance, celebrating diversity, and recognizing employee accomplishments. It makes a difference—studies show that employees are 12% more productive when happy.

By promoting active listening and open communication, you can encourage employees to express their ideas freely, knowing that their voices are valued. Did you know that 74% of employees report being more productive when they feel heard, but even more feel that they aren’t heard to start with? Writing out clear policies and procedures that definitively convey expected behaviors, safety protocols, and guidelines can also help employees have a clearer understanding of what’s expected of them.

Independence also means having the freedom to balance work and personal life effectively. One way you can encourage and support a healthy work-life balance is by offering flexible work arrangements, such as remote work options or flexible schedules. 

Equality and inclusivity—and the freedom to bring one’s authentic self into the workplace—are also essential components of a safe atmosphere. Creating an environment where all employees feel physically and emotionally safe to express who they are and what they believe without harassment or prejudice is foundational to encouraging true diversity and inclusion. Appreciate the unique perspectives and contributions of each employee, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding—even if they’re different from your own.

Finally, acknowledging and rewarding employees’ achievements is a powerful way to motivate and inspire while still maintaining a productive workplace. After all, only 42% of employees are happy with the rewards and recognition offered by their companies. Implement recognition programs that appreciate their efforts, contributions, and achievements. By celebrating successes, you reinforce a positive work environment where employees are encouraged to excel.

As we think about what it means to be free this Summer, let’s not let the value of our employees’ potential go unnoticed. To learn more about employee wellness and how Lyceum Insurance can support your organization’s efforts, call us today at (301) 840-6624 or visit our website at www.lyceumins.com. Our team of specialists is on hand and ready to show you how to take the first step toward engaging and empowering your workforce, today.



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