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March 5, 2024
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The Luck of the Irish (or Should We Say, the Insurance) – How to Take Luck Out of Your Employee Benefits 

The Luck of the irish depicted here with someone holding a four leaf clover in their hands How to take luck out of your employee benefits

An Irish saying:​​ “Wherever you go, whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you!” 


One of the best-known events on the March calendar is St. Patrick’s Day. What exactly is “the luck of the Irish”, and does it apply to us?


In the ever-changing world of employee benefits, luck is no guarantee of employee well-being. As an insurance service, we wouldn’t recommend basing your employee benefits on the chances of digging up gold. However, when it comes to planning and securing the employees’ benefits, there are five key aspects you can’t afford to leave to chance.


Understanding the Role of Luck in Employee Benefits

Chance has historically influenced people’s health and financial prosperity. Both employees and companies alike may face difficulties if benefits for employees are completely dependent on chance.

The Importance of Insurance in Employee Benefits

Insurance is like a safety net; it protects you financially in case something bad happens. A complete benefits package includes health, life, and disability insurance.

Health Insurance: A Pillar of Employee Well-being

The value of providing health insurance to workers should be considered. Highlight the significance of preventative care, emergency medical coverage, and the overall effect on the mental and physical well-being of employees.

Educating Employees on the Value of Insurance

Highlight the importance of educating employees about the advantages of insurance. Assist workers in comprehending their coverage and its impact on their health by providing them with tools and avenues for discussion.

Life Insurance: Ensuring Financial Security for Employees and Their Families

Learn how life insurance can help employees’ families by offering financial support in the event of an untimely death. Talk about the comfort that life insurance may provide for employees by helping them know their loved ones are safe.


Businesses can take a strategic approach by including strong insurance coverage in their employee benefits packages. By giving full insurance coverage a priority in employee benefits packages, companies can build a base of stability and security and lessen the element of chance in their employees’ well-being.


Are you ready to transform your employee benefits from relying on luck to a strategic and reliable plan? Partner with Lyceum Insurance Services and empower your workforce with comprehensive coverage. Contact us today!

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