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December 13, 2023
Lyceum Insurance Services

Unwrapping the Benefits of Holiday Giving and Matching Programs for Businesses

Joy, love, and generosity are high during the holiday season.

Behind the cheery facade of the holiday season is a chance for businesses to do good in their communities while also boosting their bottom lines. 

A corporate donation matching gift program is a type of charitable giving program in which companies match the donations made by their employees to eligible non-profit organizations. We will go over the many benefits of giving during the holidays and how matching programs can be an effective way to maximize business taxes in addition to fostering goodwill.

The Spirit of Giving

The holidays are about giving back. Businesses can improve their corporate social responsibility (CSR and community relations by participating in holiday giving. Donating to a local charity, holding toy drives, or sponsoring food banks can improve company culture and foster relationships.

Employee Engagement

Successful businesses depend on engaged workers. Holiday giving programs enhance employee morale by immersing them in philanthropic activities. From helping at local shelters to fundraising, employees thrive in meaningful, cause-driven environments. This boosts workplace happiness and teamwork.

Matching Programs

Matching programs can increase donations made during the holidays. Businesses double employee philanthropic donations in these initiatives, multiplying their impact. This encourages employees and boosts philanthropic donations.

Businesses can optimize tax liabilities via matching schemes. Businesses that match employee donations can deduct these matches. This benefits the business financially and promotes charity.  Remember, gift matching contributions qualify as deductible expenses, enabling a reduction in the company’s taxable income. This leads to a decrease in the total taxes owed by the company to the government.

Together, let’s celebrate the season of giving and build a legacy that reflects the values of community, generosity, and financial wisdom. 

Ready to make a difference? Contact us today to learn more about our holiday giving initiatives and matching programs. 

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