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June 20, 2023
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Benefits for Remote Employees

Employee benefits are an integral component of the modern workplace. As your organization seeks to maintain its employees’ health and wellness, attract ideal candidates and retain top performers, an optimal employee benefits portfolio can make all the difference. While the rising importance of employee benefits is one of the most relevant trends in today’s labor market, your organization must also coordinate these programs and incentives with another key pattern: the rise of remote work.

Attractive Employee Benefits for Remote Workers

Given the rising popularity of remote work in recent years, it’s no surprise that many employers have adopted at least hybrid arrangements as permanent parts of their workplace. However, employing remote workers may change how your organization views its culture and work environment, including employee benefits. When composing or revisiting your employee benefits portfolio, consider how the following offerings might be essential or advisable for remote workers:

  • Health insurance—Although providing access to an employer-sponsored health plan may seem obvious, your organization should still ensure that it includes suitable options to include remote workers. This may include greater access to telemedicine, as remote workers may live in more rural areas or otherwise find it more difficult to make in-person appointments.
  • Flexible schedules—Fully remote and hybrid work arrangements may be particularly appealing for employees who have additional responsibilities, such as parenting and caregiving. With that in mind, your organization should consider providing further flexibility by allowing employees to work at times that suit their time zones, other obligations and personal preferences.
  • Equipment upgrades—Your remote employees rely on technology to conduct their daily duties and maintain a sense of connection with their coworkers. Some organizations may help employees with the cost of remote work upgrades, such as high-speed internet and ergonomic home office furniture.
  • Wellness programs—Working remotely may make workers more prone to experiencing feelings of isolation or burnout or leading a sedentary lifestyle. Help your remote workers maintain their wellness by including various programs and incentives in your benefits portfolio, such as online counseling, fitness and gym membership reimbursement, and nutrition classes.
  • Learning opportunities—Employees who are consistently or permanently off-site may miss out on traditional training sessions and seminars intended to spur their professional development. Help your workers learn new skills, improve existing talents and advance their careers by providing remote learning opportunities, such as access to learning management systems, online courses and webinars.

We’re Here to Help

At Lyceum Insurance Services, our dedicated staff has over 40 years of experience helping employers optimize employee benefits portfolios. We will draw on our collective knowledge to assess your circumstances, explore your options and assemble an ideal collection of benefits for your remote workers.

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