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September 12, 2023
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How Often Should You Update an Employee Handbook?

An employee handbook is an essential reference guide for communicating important information to an organization. It can help remind employees of company policies, procedures and expectations. Employee handbooks should be easily accessible for employees to reference whenever they have questions about their rights, benefits and responsibilities. Employee handbooks are also essential for protecting a business from lawsuits and maintaining a positive and healthy work environment.

Should an Employee Handbook Be Updated Every Year?

It is best practice to review your employee handbook annually to keep policies and procedures current. When updating your handbook, consider the following tips:

  • Schedule a time quarterly or annually to review the handbook and determine if it needs updates.
  • Communicate updates with employees and have them sign off on significant updates.
  • Maintain a history of the different versions of the handbook.
  • Include an effective date and a statement that the current handbook replaces any previous one.
  • Consult legal counsel to ensure it follows current laws.

What Are Employee Handbook Best Practices?

Every company’s employee handbook will look different, but the following are some best practices for creating and maintaining one:

  • Keep the handbook as succinct as possible while addressing necessary policies.
  • Include the company’s vision, values and mission.
  • Make sure the handbook is easily accessible to all employees.
  • Use clear and concise language.
  • Customize your handbook to apply to your company and employees using on-brand language and stylization.
  • Include a statement that your company can revise policies at any time.
  • Define terms subject to interpretation, such as “excessive tardiness.”
  • Keep the tone professional and informational.
  • Include contact information for company representatives who are available to answer questions.
  • Include a table of contents and page numbers for easy navigation.
  • Provide the handbook is all the languages that your employees speak.

How Can Employers Get Employee Handbook Guidance?

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