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May 25, 2023
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How Employers Can Support New Mothers Beyond Disability Coverage

Maternity leave is critical for mothers as they recover and settle into parenthood. Short-term disability insurance can be an essential option for many women, even in cases where employers provide generous paid leave.

Employer short-term disability plans help cover lost wages, but employees face real costs as they welcome a child. These costs can include deductibles, copays and coinsurance, plus all of the maternity and baby care supplies not covered by insurance. But the financial challenges are just one piece of a complicated puzzle. Here’s how employers can help.

Offer Supplemental Medical Coverage

Supplemental medical coverage can provide much-needed financial support to new parents. Hospital indemnity insurance typically pays a flat dollar amount for each day of hospitalization and may pay a higher amount for the first day. This money goes directly to the employee and can be used for any purpose, including offsetting deductibles and coinsurance and supplementing disability payments.

Reconceive the Return-to-Work Experience

Employers can consider offering phased returns to help new mothers feel comfortable returning to work. Phased returns may offer a gradual return to work that ramps up from a part-time schedule to full-time work. Employers can also set up mentoring programs for returning employees, where those who are more experienced caregivers are matched with new parents.

Help with Child Care

Childcare costs are rising, and some women feel pressured to leave their job when the costs outweigh the financial benefits of working, which could eventually put them at an economic disadvantage. To help support parents returning to work, employers often consider onsite childcare facilities, subsidized rates or backup care.

Provide Fertility Benefits

Many employers offer various fertility benefits to their employees, depending on the company’s policies and the state’s regulations. Some of the most common fertility benefits available through a job may include fertility testing and treatments, adoption assistance and surrogacy assistance.

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Helping to create a comfortable financial and emotional experience for employees as they navigate becoming a parent is in your company’s best interests. Making more solutions available shows employees they’re valued during a pivotal season in life.

To learn more about how you can support your employees as they become parents, contact Lyceum Insurance Services in Monrovia, Maryland.

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