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November 1, 2023
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Thanksgiving and HR: How to Manage Employee Time Off Requests

Employees are usually looking forward to a little time off work as the winter holidays draw near.

Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd, is a time to pause, express appreciation, and spend time with those you love. It’s a beloved holiday for many, so it needs to be well planned for, especially if workers want to take time off to celebrate. 

Handling time-off requests during this hectic season can be challenging, and it is important for HR professionals. Even for the managers and HR departments managing this request, it is important to also think of their desire to take off. In this blog post, you’ll find advice on handling employee requests for time off during the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Strategies for Handling Time Off During the Holidays

  1. Holiday Time Off Policy – Maybe everyone is off because you are closed, or you need personnel on site due to the nature of your business. Write it in your handbook and go over it with hires during their interview process. 
  2. Is it worth it to stay open? A few days before the major holidays, make the choice; is it easier to close on Tuesday through Friday and then deal with being shortstaffed and providing a negative experience to our clients? 
  3. Set a deadline and reward hard working employees. Maybe the office closes if everyone meets certain goals, or maybe seniority is a factor. Write it down! 
  4. Keep divergence in mind—there are more holidays than Thanksgiving in November and elsewhere; don’t make assumptions about who will or will not work.

P.S. Offer bonuses for people who do work to sweeten the deal. 

Why is time off so important?

“Some managers or business owners may view time off as expensive and ineffective for the company. Nevertheless, vacation time is crucial for the wellbeing of an organization and its employees.”

Human resources has a significant impact on the health of the workplace by efficiently managing employee requests for time off around Thanksgiving. HR professionals can find the right balance between employees’ demands and the business’s ability to function by opening lines of communication early, defining clear expectations, and making decisions in a transparent and fair manner. Keep in mind that a healthy company culture that values its employees’ well-being is fostered by a well-managed time off policy, which in turn ensures business continuity.  


We can help you handle requests for staff time off over Thanksgiving.  We can assist you in making sure your staff has a stress-free holiday season. 

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